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Hi, I’m Andy Fox,

A Personal Transformational Specialist, I help businesspeople, professionals and everyday Australians to bring alignment to their lives by synthesising;

  • What they love doing,
  • What they are good at,
  • What the world needs, and
  • What people are prepared to pay for.

The end result is attaining a personal transformation, from feeling drained, used, useless, lifeless, and stressed out, to living a life from power, clarity, authenticity, meaning, purpose and soul expression.

I help people, like you, through a mix of online courses, support community, in-person training, retreats, one-on-one coaching, and live events.

“It’s at the edge of who you are, that you learn what you can truly be.”

Get to know me

Programs For You

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Am I

To move forward in life, we need to uncover those programs, rework them and then we can start living the life we were born to live. That is why I created the Who AM I Self Discovery course to uncover these patterns, learn new empowering patterns and free yourself.

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Resilience Advantage for Individuals

A world’s best science-based program used by hundreds of thousands of people world-wide to transform their lives and develop the skill of emotional resilience, intuition, positive thinking and an energised life.

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Success Stories

Andy Fox

“How many times have I heard the cliches, “Life is a journey” “We are the hero of our own stories” “Create your new chapter, Create your life” And yet here is a course that delivers on point. Who Am I is brilliantly crafted. Super simple to follow with profound results. The depth of awareness and growth I gained is continuing, long after the last unit. The format and information is a joy to follow and it is a course I can easily redo alongside of my teenage girls. And something I highly recommend for teens. Very empowering. Love it. Thank You Andy.”.

- Sonia
Andy Fox

Participation in the Who Am I Course was a great personal growth experience for me. As the program progressed, I became more aware of the many different facets that make up the person I am today, but most importantly, I learned how my deep personal beliefs and self-concept were impacting my current ‘story’ –in both my personal life and my career. By participating in the Who Am I Course, I discovered some valuable new insights about myself and was further encouraged to reflect and redesign, ‘my old story’, to a story that was potentially far more open to experiencing wonderful possibilities and opportunities, than previously. Using a self-paced and structured approach, Andy, the Who Am I Course facilitator, shares his knowledge and experience in a warm hearted, intelligent and engaging manner I found the Course to be very beneficial and personally insightful and would recommend it to others.

- Karen

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