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About Me

I have a firm belief there is only one great challenge in life…
And that is…

To be the best version of you possible.

I have lived my whole life to this tune. I love that I am not perfect and I love that every day I get up and make at least one change in my life that makes it better, one change that takes me closer to my life’s goals.

Every little step, every little change and every learning have compounded to forge me into the person I am today. Imagine the world we would have if we all invested in ourselves and got just 1% improvement each week. That would mean the world would be 7 billion percent better every week…What would that look, feel and be like? Just Imagine….

As John Lennon says;

"Some say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…"

Welcome to my website and welcome to my world, one defined by the actions I take and the commitment to bring my dreams to life...
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When passion meets purpose magic happens...See this page to learn more about seeing me live.

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Look out for the book of inspiration and in 2020 Alchemy of Self. Follow my blog to recieve updates.

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Learn How to Live Life

Heart Mind Project

Heart Mind Project's mission is to show/inspire people how they can live from their heart.
We've created our Online Training Courses with a mix of science based and personal material I’ve chosen and crafted for you.

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Digital Soutions


Element 7 Digital is a dynamic, customer focussed, outcome orientated Digital Agency, working with businesses to enable operational efficiencies, create non-traditional revenue streams and connecting the online and offline worlds in a seamless manner.

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