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Productivity/Health Tele-Communications

Improved employee health and increased productivity were both critical strategies for future growth and developing industry leadership.

Initial pilot consisted of executives, managers, software engineers (intact team) and a manufacturing group – 26% were hypertensive (national average).

Hypertension Results after 6 months:

  • All participants have normal blood pressure. (No other interventions – i.e. diet or medication – were used.)
  • All participants can lower their blood pressure during a stressful situation using a HeartMath technique.

Productivity Results after 6 Months:

    • 93% of the Manufacturing Group experienced improvements in Productivity, Teamwork & Empowerment.
    • This correlated with an overall 22% increase in quality.


% of Group Reporting Improvement between 50% and 100%

Productivity 57%
Teamwork 47%
Empowerment 56%


More than 20 recommendations were made by the associates for improving productivity; most have been implemented.

Participant Comments:

More inventions were disclosed in the last six months.
Chief technologist, software group

Since my stress levels are now lower, I am more relaxed and able to think more clearly. My negotiation skills have improved.
Operations manager

I’ve heard more positives on job satisfaction in one-on-one sessions and noted less conflict among people.

My number of patents per month literally doubled. Patent attorney I feel more innovative in my approach to solutions. And, I can deal with stress much better than before.
Systems engineer

It made me feel more empowered, like I can handle any problem. This course would benefit everyone from production to Board room.
Manufacturing group leader

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