Inspired by a visionary White Paper from Boston Consulting Group many years ago, Element 7 Digital is a Digital Agency focussed on freeing or un-trapping value within business. BCG predicted that the value chain or the sequence of events in the creation of value in a business would be significantly optimised through the implementation of technology. 

They were right!!! And this is how we are taking advantage of it!! 

We created our own multisite ecommerce platform that integrates with inventory management software and aggregates the data across multi-platforms. 

In plain English, that means you simply add a product to your inventory management software where it gets sent to the website/s and then out to eBay and other trading sites. 

We drive traffic for our customers through a range of Content Programs involving; Blogs, eBooks, Social Media and Newsletters. 

If you wanted to summarise it, Element 7 Digital enables companies through web technologies.

What E7D does;

  • Growth Driven Design:
    GDD Sites for Ecommerce, Brochure and Custom applications.

  • Inbound Marketing:
     Funnel Optimisation, Lead Generation, SEO. 

  • Content Marketing:
    Content Creation, Content Planning, Content Optimisation.  
  • Digital Strategy:
    Competitive Advantage/Intelligence.

  • Measurement and Analysis:
    Analytics, Split Testing, Conversion Tracking.  

The way we do things;

Develop a plan for the website from the research and learnings from analytics and insights.

Take the learnings and outcomes from the planning stage. Now we have all the information we need for the development phase 

Prototype the site/software, then develop the site in line with recommendations.


Start testing and measuring by conducting split tests and analytics and use this data for the planning phase.

You can get the full story here on the site (, and if you like to research, we have a massive selection of research articles waiting for you in our Blog section.