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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” - Leo Tolstoy

I love that I am not perfect and I love that every day I get up and make at least one change in my life that makes it better, one change that takes me closer to my life’s goals. Every little step, every little change and every learning have compounded to forge me into the person I am today.

Imagine the world we would have, if we all invested in ourselves and got just 1% improvement each week. That would mean the world would be 7 billion percent better every week…What would that look, feel and be like? Just Imagine…. 

Personal Transformation starts with a person and then they transform themselves after going through the process they get to live an empowered unlimited life.   

“It is at the edge of who you are, that you learn of what you can be…”

We as people are defined by what happens to us in tough times and during the past years I have stood on the edge of life and stared back, then taken the leap of faith to follow my heart and build not just a business but a legacy, something I can hand over to the world, a business that leaves the world in a better place than when I came here. 


My purpose is to build simple actionable, profound life changing programs that make transforming your life easy. A proven path to free your mind and live life from a place of Power, Clarity, Authenticity, Meaning, Purpose and Soul expression. 

Building and delivering these courses is my way of nourishing the world, giving back, making a stand for what I believe in, delivered through service to all. 

Whether that looks like crafting a winning strategy, developing software, creating the soundtrack to people lives,writing, racing cars or ocean yachts, inspiring people’s minds or just observing/contemplating life’s beauty, it is met with the same heart guided passion that has been one of the hallmarks of my life. 

I invite you to enjoy the content on the site and my wish for you is, that your journey is fulfilling, amazing and a fantastically rich learning experience. May your 1%’s accumulate to be 1000 or 1 million percent, so let’s get excited about breathing life into your dreams, nurturing your soul and expressing your purpose though your daily actions then living the life you were born to live.

Here’s to your success!!!!