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Get to Know Me

Q & A

What do you do for fun?

I love playing the Cello, Reading Books, Riding Motorcycles, Offroad Racing, Yoga and Meditation.

Biggest life achievement?

OMG, where do you start?

Learning how to Tig Weld, then building an off-road racing car and winning an Australian Title and 2 State Championships in that car, whilst running a business of 26 people across 3 countries.


How do you think you have changed the world?

When we change ourselves, we instantly change the world.  I’ve done a lot of growth work over the years. And with nearly 40 years of managing people across many countries, I would like to think that I have positively impacted people and they have taken what they have learned, put their spin on it, and impacted their world.


Biggest life challenge?

Running a business, whilst trying to recover from depression. Trying to put a brave face on for clients, whilst doing all I could to stop suicidal thoughts in my head. Learning how to identify self-sabotage and turn that around.



How did you find the alignment of your work and life purpose?

I have always had a fascination with human potential. How do we work?How can we be better?Why is it that some people do it easily while others do it tough?So, I read over 300 books and distilled the concepts into a process that worked for me. By simplifying things, by stripping life back to its essentials, you can get a real sense of what your purpose is and how to take it into the world.


What is your purpose then?

My purpose is to build simple, actionable, profound life-changing programs that make transforming your life easy. A proven path to free your mind and live life from a place of power, clarity, authenticity, meaning, purpose, and soul expression. 

Building and delivering these courses is my way of nourishing the world, giving back, and making a stand for what I believe in, delivered through service to all. 


What are people saying about the Programs and how you work?

I am going to let Catriona, one of my One-on-One Coaching students answer that for me.


“Andy is enthusiastic, insightful and playful in his approach.  

He listens between the lines and gently challenges old patterns and beliefs. Through encouraging thoughtful reflection, Andy supports the process of reframing thoughts to create targeted actions.  

With his guidance I was able to get unstuck, find momentum and break big steps into achievable tasks. I have found more clarity and feel supported to stretch beyond my former limitations into the realm of infinite possibilities.”


You have read over 300 books, what other experience do you have?

  • I am a Heart Math® Certified Trainer and Coach.
  • Studied ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration), with an Academic Excellence Award.
  • 40 years managing and motivating people.
  • Mentored and worked with many start-ups to generate multiple 7 figure incomes.
  • Specialised in Business Process Optimisation through Technology and Strategy.
  • Worked with teams in multiple countries including, India, Nepal, Bosnia, Serbia and Tunisia.


You sound like a good guy…Can you Cook?  

HAHAHA Oh that’s funny…in short yes. I love it!!! A client who was a Baker said to me once…

”Food is what we put in our mouth to nourish our bodies and sustain life, that’s why feeding people is my one of my passions.”

I think he is right, it’s about the gut/brain connection that supports our thoughts and how we feel about ourselves. It is one big package Body + Mind + Soul.


 What’s your favourite style of food and dish?

 I love Indian Style Cooking and Slow Braises. My favourite dish for each would be.

Home made Lamb Madras for Indian and for Slow Braises, either Beef Short Ribs or Beef Cheeks. You have to say the Dutch Oven is the best device ever made!!  


What’s your favourite saying?

Oh, that’s an easy one….


”It’s at the edge of who you are, that you learn what you can truly be.”


It was written for a Paris Dakar movie. The movie showcased how the drivers and riders pushed themselves beyond their limits, discovered things about themselves, and rose and beat the challenge in the face if life threatening adversity.

I love this, it speaks to the whole concept of becoming something that you thought you could never have dreamed of being, and in the process discovering the gold that resides within you.

As the Ultra Marathoners say…

“The more you run the more you find yourself, running strips you back to beyond the core and shows you the essence of who your really are”


Thanks for your allowing us to get to know you a bit more.

No problems my pleasure!!