We’ve all heard the sayings, that was a heartfelt performance or the team played with real heart or it tore my heart out, my heart bled for them, and so on.  

But what does it really mean? 

By the nature of such statements we are assuming there is something special about the power of the heart, something we all talk about a lot and somehow automatically know is there. However, we’ve never consciously tried to uncover research or put into a form that will make it accessible for individuals and corporations.  

We’ll that’s until now…We’ve been researching these heart led traits and have created a range of courses so you can tap into this superpower and experience life from the heart. 

You may be surprised to know it’s not all about love, however the power of love is definitely part of it. We’ve uncovered there’s been a massive amount of research into the power of a heart led life. 

In the process we found; 

  • The heart is so much more than an organ that pumps blood around your body.
  • Science has shown the heart is the centre for intuitive intelligence.
  • The heart sends 9 times the information to the brain than the brain does to the heart.
  • To a large degree, the heart determines the hormones to be released into your body.
  • Your heart/mind connection is what allows you to think clearly and perform in an optimal way, resulting in an energising flow that allows your day to unfold.

It’s the mission of the Heart Mind Project to be able to guide you through this process using the latest in techniques and learnings from around the world in a simple and actionable format that is set to inspire that spark of enthusiasm in your mind. 

Think of how your life would be with deeper, richer relationships, more energy to focus on your passions, more peace, more happiness, more balance. 

More of everything!!!! 

Our mission is to show the world how to live from the heart, read more here.

For me it’s a process of giving back and taking the lessons I’ve learned over the years, mixed with the latest in research and proven techniques, and delivering them in an easy and actionable manner. 

The net result is building a business that will be my legacy to the world. 

I’d love to share it with you…find out more here.