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Who Am I

Here’s the reason your life keeps running off the rails.

96% of our lives are spent on autopilot, yes you read that right.Your subconscious mind is running 96% of your life!!!

Simply put, the subconscious mind is a bunch of programs that run when you do an activity based on repetition. If it’s not in your conscious mind,then your subconscious is doing it.

Now imagine that the programs running in your mind are taking you in a direction different to what you want to achieve…

Sabotage is when consciously you want to go in the direction of your goals, and when not kept in the mind the subconscious drives you in another direction.

To move forward in life, we need to uncover those programs, rework them and then we can start living the life we were born to live.

That is why I created the Who AM I Self Discovery course to uncover these patterns, learn new empowering patterns and free yourself.



Who AM I Self Discovery course is;

  1. 7 In-depth, powerful, and instantly actionable lessons to guide you step by step through the personal transformation process, resulting in your ultimate life.
  2. A crystal-clear idea as to why your life is not working now and how to move forward into your new life.
  3. A step-by-step blueprint to use for the rest of your life, so whenever you want to make changes, it will be there.
  4. Lifetime access to the WHO AM Icourse.
  5. Lifetime access to proven, science-based self-awareness tools to bring clarity to how you are now.
  6. Interactive live support-driven Q and A sessions.
  7. A self-paced staged content delivery to reduce timeline pressures, so you can take your time to immerse yourself in the course and get the best out of it.
  8. As you finish the course you will have a full framework and be already implementing your findings and starting to live your dream life.

The course is delivered over 8 weeks with a mix of implementation weeks and new lessons. It is most important to take your time when you are reflecting on the past and dream-scaping the new you.



The Process

  • You deep dive into the theory of how you create a Concept of Self and use it to experience the world around you.
  • We explore the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and habits and how they become your identity.
  • You will now be able to easily and quickly deconstruct the habits that you have created to create your Concept of Self.
  • You will have a powerful framework so you can plug into your values to create different outcomes, in the process understanding yourself and other people on a deeper more meaningful level.
  • I teach you about the difference between Fused and Differentiated thoughts, and the power of Mental Flexibility.
  • We take time out to reflect on what has come up for you so far in the previous lessons and start connecting the dots.



By the time you have completed Who AM I, this is what you will have

  • Awareness and a fundamental understanding of the process of how and why you came to live this current life.
  • The insight to identify areas in your current life that are not working for you right now.
  • The power to see how your belief system was created.
  • Empowerment through a lifetime skillset to design and build your ultimate life, then live it.
  • A step-by-step blueprint to up-level your life anytime and anywhere.
  • Have access to a tool kit that you can use for the rest of your life to continue to evolve as and when you wish.
  • The key to your freedom, to live your life how, when and where you want.