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Who Am I

Who Am I? brings awareness to the reasons why your life is where it is at now and then creates a super clear path forward. In this course you will clearly define your self-sabotage patterns/belief systems that have assasinated your dreams and created a story of your life that is simply not true.

By plugging the above into my Signature System, you can mindfully craft a new set of beliefs resulting in a new story, then you get to live your ultimate life.

This course is for the person who wants to seriously shift gears and is tired of playing around the edges, you have in the past tried to change and been snapped back into your current life by your subconscious mind.

If you are a person that knows somewhere deep inside that;

  • Life has to be better than this.
  • You have a gift to give and are looking for a path.
  • You didn’t just come into this world to pay bills and die.
  • You love your life you just want to make the pain go away.
  • You are tired of trying and have lost hope, but you know that you are worth it.

If this sounds like you then awesome, we are on the same page….

People who have been through Who Am I? say it is simple, transformational and profound in the way that it works.

See what Sonia had to say about Who Am I….

“How many times have I heard the cliches,
“Life is a journey”
“We are the hero of our own stories”
“Create your new chapter, Create your life”

And yet here is a course that delivers on point.
Who Am I is brilliantly crafted.

Super simple to follow with profound results.
The depth of awareness and growth I gained is continuing, long after the last unit.
The format and information is a joy to follow and it is a course I can easily redo alongside of my teenage girls.
And something I highly recommend for teens. Very empowering. Love it.

Thank You Andy.”

As our search for meaning and purpose grows, like Sonia we find that;

  • We are not our thoughts!
  • We are not our Job!
  • We are not our money!
  • We are not our personal brand!
  • We are not our things!
  • We are not where we live!
  • We are not our story!

If we are not these things…..

Then Who are we? 

We form our Identity at 3 different levels;

  1. Concept of Self

  2. The Process of Ongoing Awareness

  3. The Observing Self

In this course we uncover and explore the first level of Who You Are, your Concept of Self. 

Through our lives we create a Concept of Self by connecting together a bunch of related I Am Statements and I Am Evaluations that form our belief system. 

Examples of I AM Statements

  • I am Nice, I am Old, I am Anxious, I am Kind…etc. 

Examples of Evaluations 

I am a person who…., I am a person who does not…., My favourite part about myself is…. , My least favourite part about myself is….. , I have been wronged because other people have…., I am a person who is bad at….etc   

By forming beliefs around these statements, we form a world view and ultimately filter our experience in the world.  This is what you call Your Story… 

In this Course we;

  1. Take a look at your I Am Statements and I Am Evaluations and how they have woven together to create your current life.

  2. Next we plan out a new life by creating a new set of beliefs and as a result a new story.

  3. Then we focus on learning strategies to hard wire the new you…

This framework is based on 40 years of research and is powerful for every person that wants to transform their life. If you’re sick and tired of the old you, it’s time to bring some light to the bits that don’t work and learn your way into a new life. 

Create your unltimate life and live it by design. 

This is Your Story, and now is the right time to add a new chapter. 

Welcome to the Course!

  • Welcome from Andy and how to use the Course

Lesson 1 Understanding The Levels Of Self

  • The 3 Levels of Self
  • Exercise 1: List your I AM Statements
  • Exercise 2: List Your I AM Evaluations
  • Exercise 3: Reflection

Lesson 2 Understanding Your Story

  • Exercise 4: Writing your Story
  • Exercise 5: Fact Check
  • Exercise 6: Write a new Story
  • Exercise 7: Reflection
  • Exercise 8: Belief System Reflection

Lesson 3 Concept Of Self

  • Concept of Self Explanation
  • Exercise 9: Habit Formation
  • Exercise 10: Belief Listing
  • Exercise 11: Fused Belief Systems

Lesson 4 The Process Of Becoming Your Story

  • Exercise 12: Analysing your Concept of Self
  • Exercise 13: I AM Statement and Evaluations Brainstorm

Lesson 5 Creating Your New Story

  • Exercise 14: Dreamscaping Your new Life (Story)
  • Exercise 15: Deep Diving into your New Life
  • Exercise 16: Rating your New Life List
  • Exercise 17: Mapping your New Habits 

Lesson 6 Learning How To Be The New You

  • Tool 1: Heart Focused Breathing
  • Tool 2: Inner Ease
  • Tool 3: How to find your Wisdom in your Emotional Pain.
  • Tool 4: Learning how to Let Go
  • Tool 5: Diffusion of Thought

Putting It All Together

  • The Art of Living your Unlimited Life 

Every new adventure starts with the first step, the first step to a new you, an unlimited life, designed by and lived by you… It’s your time and your worth it!! 

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